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Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a scientifically proven training method which has been used for decades globally in medical and rehabilitation fields. It was introduced in the 70’s for sports training and was recognised as a legal training method for the 1972 Olympics. EMS training has seen significant growth in its current form as a toning, strengthening and fitness tool since 2003. EMS can also be very effective for helping to overcome injury – particularly back pain and knee, hip and shoulder injuries. EMS is also very effective at rebuilding muscle strength after an operation or long term injury.

EMS training uses a medically approved device that has the capacity to contract your muscles via an electrical current, without putting any strain on the joints.

Clients wear a specially designed outfit through which the current passes, 90% of muscles are activated simultaneously with each contraction. Each muscle group can be controlled individually by adjusting the settings on the EMS device and we then use movement to enhance inter-muscular co-ordination. This means:

We do not advise more than 2 x 20 minute sessions a week, you should see great results from one session a week. *

More than 90% of your muscles are engaged – 20 minutes can bring the same results as a 90 minute gym session.

There is no strain on your joints – so it is safe and effective for building muscle strength around injured areas.


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